What if I find someone or something offensive?

We want to keep a clean network and fight spammy behavior. We've thought through this a great deal and added some logical gates to stop spam. Our mechanisms will not stop everyone so e have added a few functions to help self-govern what you see.

Here are three options that are accessible from a post in the community feed.

  • Reporting a Post: Reporting a post basically tells us that there is something that requires our attention.
  • Muting a Post: Muting a post simply hides it from your feed. You won't see it again and this action cannot be reversed.
  • Blocking a Member: Blocking a member will hide the person from you completely. It is as if they do not exist in Talloo. 

We are committed to creating a safe and positive environment. We have some private tools and processes in place to help safeguard our community. We'll do our best to keep the promise we make here. If you ever need to contact us regarding inappropriate actions that violate our community standards, please email us at abuse@talloo.com.

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